Dari Love


What’s your ethnicity? My family is mixed with so many that I can never remember, so in my

Auntie’s words, “Boo we have Indian, French, Caribbean, Black & White. So boo we are just full of the SWIRL!!”

Where are your from originally? Pittsburgh, PA - Born & Raised!! But my family is from FL & Nassau Bahamas.

Where can BX25 Vixens readers find you?





EyeEm @DariLove

Anything else you would like to add? Number One Thanks to God…Without him….. Special thanks to all my friends, family, photographers & H/MUAs (Including my cyber friends/supporters), for always pushing me. Also to iShootSexy for taking me out of my comfort zone in this shoot. Lastly. ..to BX25 Vixens Magazine for printing me!! XOXOXO